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Fire is among the most serious dangers we face. Every year there are hundreds of fires in buildings & industries and thousands of people lose their lives. We don’t even know about it, as most industrial fires don’t make it to the Newspapers & News Channels. Even if they do, we simply ignore them, as we’re not involved. Although, the suffering and financial losses are incalculable - reliable and effective Fire Protection is essential

Today we have indigenously developed Fire Prevention, Fire Detection, and Fire Alarm Systems that harness cutting edge technology to ensure that fires are detected faster and the damage they cause is minimized. We take responsibility for every stage of Fire Alarm/Protection Systems development and implementation as under.

» Site surveys

» System design

» Installation

» Commissioning

» Monitoring and ongoing maintenance

» Hydrant & Sprinkler System

» Medium & High Velocity Water Spray System

» Foam System.

» Fire Detection & Alarm System.

» Intelligent Analogue Addressable Detection &

   Alarm System.

» High Pressure Carbon Dioxide System.

» Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide System.

» FM 200 Based Extinguishing System.

» Total Flooding And Inert Gas Suppression  

    System (Clean Agent).